Our Ambition

The local government landscape is shifting and all councils, including The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, are facing unprecedented levels of change.

Our ambition is to think radically about how we tackle our local challenges. We want to move away from a focus on traditional savings, to an exploration of new approaches that support us to deliver our strategic objectives and help achieve better outcomes for our residents. This means growing and recruiting the best available talent, organising ourselves differently and creating a constructive culture to help us unlock and deliver transformation.

For more information about our five year strategic vision see our Corporate Plan ‘Making Kingston Better, Together’ 2019-2023.


Corporate Transformation Hub

The new team will be pivotal in shaping, defining and empowering the organisation’s approach and capability for delivering change to help fulfil our ambitions. 

They will provide a dynamic and collaborative professional change hub that disrupts traditional thinking and behaviours whilst enabling the delivery of strategic priorities.

As well as help explore new approaches and innovation, challenge the organisation and our partners, to think radically to tackle issues.

Critical team functions across the organisation include;

Enable innovation and

service improvement

Uncover insights and generate ideas, identify, design and test potential solutions.

Providing governance

and assurance

Turning initiatives into tangible deliverables and providing robust approaches and methodology to measuring, monitoring, supporting and correcting impact.



Develop internal culture, capability and capacity to make change stick.

Targeted delivery


Provide high-quality capacity to priority projects to sure-up delivery and transition to BAU.

We are looking for driven, innovative and dynamic people, who are keen to join a new and exciting team on a mission to make a rapid and lasting difference in Kingston. Check out the different roles on offer and apply where you think you can help us make the biggest impact.

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We held a live webinar on Monday 23rd September 2019 for a discussion on Corporate Transformation in Kingston, including the opportunity for people to ask the panel their questions.

The panel;

  • Sarah Ireland - Director, Corporate & Commercial

  • Stephen Evans - Director, Communities

  • Genine Whitehorne - Programme Director - Strategic Transformation (chair).



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